What is FreeCharityApp?

FreeCharityApp is an online shopping platform for raising free donations by doing daily normal online shopping.


How does it work?

Just download the app and register with us and choose your favorite NGO you want to support. Whenever you are planning to purchase or shop online, just go clickthrough from retailers list. Once you complete the order on the retailer website, retailer pays us commission for the sale whcih will be added to your account for donations.


Is there anything In have to pay extra?

No way, You are only going to pay for your purchase. You can raise money for your charity without paying a single penny.


How do i raise money for donations?

All the listed retailers in our website/app pay us commision for forwarding the customers to purchase on their platform. The commission are used to raise funds for the NGO’s/charities. You will be able to track your donations through the app/website.


How do NGO’s receives donation?

It usually takes 50-60 business days for any commision from the retailers once the purchase is made from our platform retailer links. Whenver a minimum threshold set for a charity, we will send the cheques/bank transfer the amount to the NGOs.


How much money will be sent to the charities?

We donate our 100% Net Profit to NGO's listed in our platform. By Net profit we mean, Net Profit = Revenue we generate - Operation costs (like Salaries + Office Expenses) - Tax - Growth

Is it secure?

100% secure, we only refer you to the online stores and have no control over your payments and history.